Q. Which Cruise Lines call at Roma Cruise Terminal?

A. All major cruise lines call at Roma Cruise Terminal.  In 2018, more than 700 cruise ships called in Civitavecchia.

Q.  How far is the cruise terminal from the airport?

A. The nearest airport is Fiumincino Airport which can be reached by train, car and taxi. Click here for further information.

Q. What hotels are available in Civitavecchia?

A. There are a number of hotels in Civitavecchia. For further information on accommodation and reservations go to (link).

Q. Where are the embarkation terminals?

A. Embarkation and check-in is done at all terminals.  To avoid delays passengers are to know their check-in location prior to coming to the port.

Q. What time should I be at Roma Cruise Terminal in order to embark on my ship?

A. Passengers are advised to arrive and check in at the time recommended by their travel agent and/or cruise line.  It is strictly recommended not to arrive late for departure whether for check-in or following shore excursions.

Q. What is the procedure upon arrival at the terminals?

A. Once dropped off, passengers will be asked to provide an identification document to the RCT security officers.  Well-wishers are not allowed to enter the port areas.  Luggage will be dropped at designated drop-off areas and will be handled by porters.  All luggage is screened and passengers will be asked to remove items not compliant with the ship’s security code.  Once screened all luggage is delivered to the ship.  Once embarkation procedures are complete passengers will proceed to their ship as directed by their meet and greet personnel.

Q. Do passengers need to present a personal identification document to enter the terminal?

A.  Yes and in addition, passengers are to check with the cruise line/travel agent for information on the documents needed for boarding the ship.

Q. is there a place to store luggage at the terminals?

A. No.

Q. What if my luggage is damaged?

A. Any claims for damages have to be presented to the travel insurance agent in order to make a claim.

Q. is there a drop or pick-up point for passengers using private vehicles?

A. Passengers can be picked at the gates of the terminals as private vehicles are not allowed on the quays.

Q. Are there foreign exchange services at the terminal?

A. Presently no such services are available but there are a number of banks and cash dispensing machines in Civitavecchia in close proximity of the port.


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