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Quays 10/11 12 V 12 13 25
Length* 475m 150m 560m 795m 700m
Min depth of water 7.70m 8.60m 12.8m 13.5m 13.5m
Height of Quay above chart datum 2.15m 2.25m 2.25m 2.25m 2.40m
Bollards 14 7 22 29 7
Space between bollards 27m 22m 25m 25m 27m
Fender Type SC 1450 SC 1450 SC 1450 SC 1450 SC 1450
*       All data as on date of publication


Max Length 2150 m*
Max Width No Limit
Max Beam No Limit
Max Passengers 40,000 in one day
Max Draft 13.5 m

*all data correct as on date of publication

Total Area 800mq 1930mq 3000mq 11000mq 4500mq
Luggage Hall 600mq 1280mq 2000mq


Ground Floor

Check-in area 200mq 650mq 1000mq


First Floor

Check-in desks 5 18 – 25 46 60 - 120 50
Chairs (minimum) 100 180 295 913 (waiting area, bar e terrace) 424
AC units 2 10 Internal system fed by an external unit
Internal system fed by an external unit. Internal system fed by an external unit
Distance terminals and quays (depending on the ship’s berthing position) 10m 10m 60m depending on the distance of the ship 20m 20m
Passenger Boarding Bridges 2
Closest Bollards 4 8 21 21 14




On the 18th of May, 18 months from the start of the construction, Roma Cruise Terminal unveiled its new cruise terminal, Terminal Amerigo Vespucci. Covering 11,000 sqm, the terminal is one of the largest in Europe and marks an important milestone for the company jointly owned by Costa, MSC and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

At an investment of around € 20 million, the new terminal is designed to meet the requirements of the largest cruise ships further consolidating Civitavecchia as one of Europe’s premier cruise ports. 

terminal amerigo vespucciThe building includes passenger and luggage control facilities at the ground floor.  A crew room, also situated in the building’s atrium, will facilitate the ships’ crew reception process. Proceeding from the atrium to the first floor, passengers will be welcomed in a check-in area with 60 counters that can be doubled to 120 ports.  Close to 90 monitors in the check-in area will keep passengers updated on their check-in status s well as itinerary and other useful information. A  VIP lounge, the “Cruise Bar” and terrace are designed to guarantee a pleasant experience for passengers waiting to board their ship. The terminal also provides photo opportunities for passengers. Boarding will be via passenger bridges, one of which will come into operation simultaneously with the inauguration of the terminal. 

terminal amerigo vespucci2A unique feature of the terminal will be a small museum space housing Roman and Etruscan artefacts loaned by the Harbour Master of the Port of Civitavecchia and the Superintendent for Fine Arts and Culture for Roma Metropolitana, Viterbo and Southern Etruria region as a standing testimony of Civitavecchia’s historical status as the Port of Rome and the rich history of the Lazio region.

As part of the terminal building project, Roma Cruise Terminal embarked on upgrading the quay’s ship reception facilities on with the installation of LAN connection columns, a new 250 ton bollard, terminal lighting as well as and upgrade of the fenders and guard rooms.

Over 50 companies were engaged in the construction of Terminal Amerigo Vespucci, 20 of which were from Civitavecchia, another example of the cruise sector’s contribution to the economy of Civitavecchia, Lazio and Italy. The cruise activity is estimated to generate each year around Euro 91 million in direct revenue and expenditure to the economy of Civitavecchia and an economic contribution of around Euro 400 million to the Lazio region. Cruise activity in Civitavecchia supports around 1,700 jobs.

The board of Roma Cruise Terminal chose to name the new terminal Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer as a testimony of Italy’s links with the world as experienced daily in the port of Civitavecchia with the ever increasing number of cruise ships which chose it as a port of call.

John Portelli, General Manager of Roma Cruise Terminal stated that “since 2007, when Roma Cruise Terminal commenced its activity, around 23 million cruise passengeers passed through the port of Civitavecchia. It is small wonder that over the years, cruise activity has evolved into one if not the primary activity in the port of Civitavecchia. In this respect, Terminal Amerigo Vespucci is further testament to the shareholders’ contribution to the growth of the city and port of Civitavecchia and the Lazio region”.

Terminal Amerigo Vespucci was designed by Studio Vicini Architetti.



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